Waipara Hills

Established in 2001, Waipara Hills wines have become famous for their intensity, character and complexity – a result of the innate contrasts in climate in New Zealand’s deep South.

In our short history Waipara Hills wines have received more than 200 awards – from the Air New Zealand Wine awards to the International Wine Challenge in the UK, the company’s achievements reflect the broad appeal of its wines.

Waipara Winery
Nestled in the heart of the Waipara Valley is the architecturally impressive Mud House Winery & Cafe complex – the home of the Waipara Hills winery. Located on State Highway 1, 8kms north of Amberley and just 45 minutes drive north of Christchurch city the building and gardens complement the spectacular views of the vineyards and mountains.

The venue is also used for concerts and events.

High up in the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island, grows the Mountain Buttercup. Delicate and beautiful, this tiny alpine flower belies its harsh surrounds. Rugged, untouched and wild it may be, but this landscape has a natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world – a beauty captured in this rare and precious flower and the characteristics of the wines of Waipara Hills.

It’s the extreme natural environments of the mountains, hills and valleys of the South Island that give the wine of Waipara Hills its intensity, character and complexity – wine that expresses the true soul of the south.

Produkter från Waipara Hills