From the fertile lands surrounding Table Mountain in South Africa’s Western Cape, Kumala makes wines that embody the character of this magnificent setting and its people.

With grapes sourced from vineyards across the five main grape growing regions of South Africa, our winemaker works closely with the local growers to ensure the fruit that goes into every bottle is picked at just the right time.

It’s our aim for you to taste the love we have for our land in every bottle of Kumala no matter where you are in the world.

This magnificent winegrowing country includes fertile plains surrounding the breathtaking Table Mountain, with the sloped terrain and deep soils of Stellenbosch, through to the river valleys of the Klein Karoo. Climate and soil conditions vary – not just between regions, but between individual vineyards.

Collaborating closely with our winemaking team, our growers quietly wait, watch and work the individual grape varietals to ensure they benefit from the right amount of sunshine and water before getting picked at the optimum time. After all, quality winemaking is something that just cannot be rushed. These variations provide our winemakers with great opportunity to select the very best fruits to deliver the character you expect in our mellow reds, crisp whites and fruity rosés.