Villa Lanata

Villa Lanata is located in Cossano Belbo, on the Rovere hill which dominates the valley dear to Cesare Pavese. The villa and the estate have been founded around 1880 by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Lanata, a Genoese prelate who made of it his summer residence, where he gave hospitality to the “Canonici dell’Immacolata” from Genoa and to his parents. The Cardinal has many merits, among which the construction of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. In his memory the City of Genoa has named a street after him. At his death, the heirs continued to visit the villa and to take care with a passion of the vineyards, until World War II. Abandoned and decayed from the postwar period up to the seventies, the estate was acquired by the Martini family, which with passion and dedication brought it back to its ancient splendors by means of an accurate restoration managed by Eleonora Martini, third generation and premium soul of the family estates.
Today it represents a very rare island of Genoese architectural style in the heart of the Langa region, and it is at the center of an estate of over 53 hectares of Muscatel and Chardonnay vineyard.

The hills of the Belbo Valley are draped with Muscatel vineyards. In this area wine is the driving economic engine, and it is also culture, history and tradition. The Moscato d’Asti is the connection between this corner of the Langa region and the rest of the world; it has been able to break it out of an atavistic isolation and bring here people that once would have been considered as “foreigners” and today instead they are guests, clients, friends.
The beauty of these hills has enchanted the world and has achieved recognition in 2014 with the election of the “Wine Landscapes of Langhe and Roero” to UNESCO site.
Villa Lanata, with its vineyards and its historical cellar located in the Unesco Siote buffer zone, is an integral part of this system; it opens up to the daily small hospitality by offering its wines and it promotes greater events in synergy with a territorial system made of Regional Wine Shops, Consortia, Wine Roads, public and private Boards.

The farmstead Villa Lanata owns 53 hectares of vineyards in the communes of Cossano Belbo and Castino. The better vineyards of Muscatel wine are on the steep hill around the Villa, grown with utmost care as it becomes an Italian garden. The vineyards placed higher up, towards the Sanctuary of the “Madonna della Rovere” produce the “Moscato d’Asti Cardinale Lanata” The Chardonnay vineyards have a very good exposure, high up on the opposite side of the valley, in the territory of Castino.