Lo Zoccolaio

When you arrive in Barolo, in the heart of Piedmontese wine, you are completely immersed in the vineyard landscape. Hills till the eye can stretch, designed over the centuries by man, who has got from those rows food and culture. A true masterpiece, like a paint, which has earned recognition in World Heritage in 2014 with the creation of the UNESCO site “Wine Landscapes of Langhe and Roero”
In the Langa region, on the hills on the right bank of the Tanaro river, every clod has given fruits. Here the wine is never just a product, a merchandise, a fashion. Each bottle contains the history of its population and its territory.
Lo Zoccolaio winery, which takes its name from a village located in the Bricco of Barolo, owns 23 hectares of vineyards of which 11.3 planted with Nebbiolo grape from Barolo. The vineyards face southwest, on the coast of the Bricco of Barolo. The wines produced from this farm are real jewels, wine masterpieces to make unforgettable every special moment.

The exposure of the Lo Zoccolaio vineyards is among the best in the area and it is a key requirement for vines such as “Nebbiolo”, absolutely demanding in terms of soil and climatic exposure. The Zoccolaio estate, in addition to the vineyards located in the town of Barolo, owns also vines in Ornate locality in Monforte d’Alba, in the commune of Verduno and in Ravera locality in Novello, from which the prestigious Barolo Ravera cru comes from. All vineyards draw the hills with sublime harmony and in addition to producing great grapes they create a wonderful spectacle for the visitors’ eyes.